Use the kitchen door

Whiteboard board to hang over doors

Many people use the fridge door as a notice board. It is not an option with us as it is hidden behind a kitchen door. We also don't really have wall space for a blackboard in the kitchen. Therefore, the idea of ​​a blackboard to hang above the kitchen door came about.

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Wall-hung shoe rack

Shoe rack in a simple and stylish design

The ideas for our products stem from, among other things of everyday challenges and shortcomings. Too many shoes on the mat just inside the door created a need for a shoe rack. Since the space in the entrance hall is limited, we chose to make a wall-mounted shoe rack that does not take up much space.

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Nice charging station in solid oak

Give your phone a permanent place

We wanted a permanent place to charge phones and tablets. A place where the charging cables are always to be found. We have therefore designed a decorative charging station which is cut out of one piece of solid oak.

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Made in Denmark

All our products are produced locally in Denmark. It is an active choice we have made to achieve: high quality, low environmental impact and fast and adapted production. In addition, local production also helps to maintain and create jobs in Denmark.

Beautiful stands in solid metal


The unique thing about the stands from MbT is that they are multifunctional and can be combined with each other. The individual stage can be turned in 2 ways and thereby have 2 different expressions. By combining several stages with each other, new expressions and functionalities are achieved. In addition, some of the stands can also be used for several candle sizes, e.g. AROUND, which can be used both for candlesticks and tealights.

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Materials chosen according to functionality, aesthetics and durability

We have not settled on specific materials. We strive for simplicity and to create products that last year after year, even decades. That is why we manufacture our products in the materials that make the best sense both functionally, aesthetically and in terms of durability.

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