13.800,00 kr

Super elegant and luxurious oak bench with leather cushion.

Do you know the problem of cushions slipping down? We've solved this in a simple yet refined way. Along the entire length of the bench, a groove has been milled, and on the underside of the cushion, a sewn channel fits into this groove. A stainless steel rod in the channel secures the cushion firmly to the bench. This feature creates a beautiful detail at the ends of the bench, where the three materials—leather, stainless steel, and solid oak—come together. High-quality foam makes the cushion very comfortable to sit on, and the soft aniline leather develops a beautiful patina over time.

Sleek bench for entryways, bedrooms, or dining tables. Also suitable for public spaces like museums, churches, or conference centers.

The bench is available with a black or brown (cognac) cushion. It is made to order with an expected delivery time of 6 weeks.

W: 1000 mm
D: 380 mm
H: 420 mm

BENCH: Oak, solid
CUSHION: Leather, aniline (Silk from CAMO), Foam cushion
ROD: Stainless steel

Niels Toft Jørgensen

DKK 7,893.69
(Solid oak, cabinetmaker, aniline leather cushion, furniture upholstery, stainless steel rod, processing, packaging, transport)

DKK 3,146.44
We have chosen to have a significantly lower profit on BENCH in order to be able to offer it at an attractive price. Our DG in this case is 28.50% instead of 55%
The profit covers our expenses for:
warehouse, logistics, insurance, office, salaries, marketing, development of new products, etc

PRICE incl. TAX (25%)
DKK 13,800 rounded up, (7,893.69 +3,146.44) x 1.25

Amount saved by direct purchase:
DKK 13,110 (DKK 26,911 - 13,800)
(retail selling price minus direct selling price).
The retail selling price is calculated with a profit of 30% in the wholesale segment and 50% in the retail segment

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