Choice of Materials

Our selection of materials is closely tied to the intended use of each product. Therefore, we haven't committed to specific materials in advance. Some may choose all products to be made of wood and design accordingly. Often, inspired by a challenge or deficiency, we conceive a good idea that turns into a product. During the design process, we determine which material is best suited. For instance, the shoe rack is made of powder-coated steel. The powder-coated steel can withstand wet shoes and is easy to wipe clean.

For the candle holders, we could have opted to cast them in zinc and coat them with, for example, brass. We don't believe that's right. Materials should be what they appear to be. Therefore, we chose solid brass to give them weight and durability. Solid brass can be polished if it becomes unsightly, which zinc-coated items cannot.

The charging station is crafted in wood to protect the mobile devices placed in it. Additionally, we aimed to create a charging station that is beautiful and decorative. We believe wood meets these requirements better than metal.

We aim to design timeless products that you'll want to keep for many years. Therefore, we also select durable materials. By avoiding unnecessary material mixing, it's also easy to recycle them when their time comes.