Made by Toft was founded in November 2015. Made by Toft designs, develops, and produces high-quality interior products. Since the beginning, we have sold our goods through retailers with physical stores as well as through our own webshop. In 2017, we decided to merge Made by Toft with the design firm Niels Toft Design, which Niels Toft Jørgensen has operated since July 1997. Over the years, Niels Toft Design has solved design tasks for a number of companies such as Glud & Marstrand, Grundfos, and PE Redskaber (see more on the Niels Toft Design page).


Who are we?


We are the married couple Elisabeth and Niels.

Niels is a trained industrial designer with a master's degree from the School of Architecture in Aarhus. He has always been interested in design and started investing in furniture at the age of 14. For over 20 years, he has designed and developed for various Danish and international companies, both as an employee and as a freelancer. Niels is the one who comes up with most of the ideas and designs and develops our products.

Elisabeth is a trained office assistant and handles all administrative tasks, sales, and marketing. She also serves as a sounding board for Niels when a new product is in development.


What do we want?

In a design process, it's not just about finding the right appearance for a product, but also about its functionality. If a product doesn't work as intended, it simply becomes clutter and won't be used. With our products, we aim to add value to homes and everyday life. We achieve this through small furniture and interior products that simplify daily life, enhance home aesthetics, and encourage personal expression. We don't endorse the culture of buy and discard; instead, we produce in quality materials and timeless designs that people will want to keep for many years.


Where do the ideas come from?

At Made by Toft, ideas for new products stem from everyday shortcomings, challenges, and issues. Since many others likely face similar challenges and needs, we decided to establish Made by Toft in November 2015. Here, ideas can materialize into products that bring value to the homes they enter.