TRIO candle holder

199,00 kr

Reversible Taper Candle Holder

Simple and elegant taper candle holder that can be flipped. The option to flip provides the candle holder with two different looks. Made from solid metal, ensuring stability no matter how it is positioned.

The taper candle holder is for thin candles - the same size as Christmas tree candles (diameter 1.2 cm).

The taper candle holder is part of the TRIO candle holder, which can be assembled in any way you like.

The TRIO candle holder was invented by Made by Toft in 2016 and is design-protected in the EU.

TRIO Taper Candle Holder:

H: 36 mm
d1: ø21 mm
d2: ø29 mm

Kertelys max ø 12 mm

TRIO Brass :
Brass, solid, (115g)

TRIO Black :
Powder-coated automatic steel, solid, (110g)

Niels Toft Jørgensen

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