FIGURING's Advent number

179,00 kr

Fine Advent Numbers for Candle Holders

FIGURINGS advent numbers are the numerals 1-4 that you can place on your candle holders between the light and the holder.

For instance, if you have a holder with space for 4 candles or 4 single holders, you can place one number on each, creating an Advent wreath.

The numbers are available in brass and stainless steel. FIGURINGS advent numbers come in a lovely storage box.

These simple Advent numbers to place between the light and the holder were invented by Made by Toft in 2017 and are design-protected in the EU.


H: 33 mm
d1: ø29 mm
d2: ø22 mm

Stagelys max ø 21 mm (kronelys eller tilspidset stagelys)

Brass :
Brass, solid, (20g)

Steel :
Stainless steel, solid, (20g)

Niels Toft Jørgensen

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