MAGNET for blackboard

148,00 kr

Strong Magnet

The small super magnet has a body. Neodymium magnet in a solid oak block. The wooden block makes it easy to grasp and move the powerful magnet. A stylish magnet you won't get tired of looking at. Use it on a magnetic board, refrigerator, or glass board. Sold in packs of 4.

D: 20 mm
W: 21 mm
H: 21 mm

Oak, solid
Powerful neodymium magnet (strength 2.5 kg)
Weighs a total of 20 g

Niels Toft Jørgensen

DKK 53.08
(Solid oak, processing, polishing, insertion of neodymium magnet, packaging, transport)

DKK 64.88 , (53.08/(100-55)) x 55
The profit covers our expenses for:
warehouse, logistics, insurance, office, salaries, marketing, development of new products, etc

PRICE incl. TAX (25%)
DKK 147 rounded, (53.08+64.88) x 1.25

Amount saved by direct purchase:
DKK 141 (DKK 288 - 147)
(retail selling price minus direct selling price).
The retail selling price is calculated with a profit of 30% in the wholesale segment and 50% in the retail segment

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