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Whiteboard for Kitchen Cabinet Door

Simple and smart magnetic bulletin board for the kitchen cabinet door. The board has a special powder coating so it also functions as a whiteboard.

The whiteboard is simply hung loosely over a kitchen cabinet door and does not need to be glued or screwed in place. This means it is a mobile board that can be moved or taken down as needed without leaving holes. The bulletin board fits doors with a thickness of 16-22 mm. Depending on the door's thickness, it can be adjusted with felt pads on the back of the board.

Use it, for example, for pictures, invitations, reminders, meal plans, or create your own planning board with magnetic tape.

The Idea Behind the Whiteboard

Although much is done electronically, it's still nice to have a place to hang invitations, the town festival schedule, or pictures of friends and family. The designer wanted a bulletin board in the kitchen, which is a central room in the house where all residents come every day. However, there was not enough wall space, and the refrigerator, often used as a board, was hidden behind a kitchen cabinet door. Hence the idea to make a board that can hang on the outside of the kitchen cabinet door.

Need magnets? We have those too. Click here MAGNET



To keep the board looking nice, there are some guidelines you should follow. Never use permanent markers, only whiteboard markers. Clean the board with clean water and a soft cloth. Do not use soap or any solvents.

The board was invented by Made by Toft in 2015 and is design-protected in the EU.


W: 490 mm
D: 24 mm
H: 545 mm

Powder coated steel, (2.35 kg)

Niels Toft Jørgensen

DKK 98.88
(sheet metal, laser cutting, bending, powder coating, assembly, packaging, transport)

DKK 120.85 , (98.88/(100-55)) x 55
The profit covers our expenses for:
warehouse, logistics, insurance, office, salaries, marketing, development of new products, etc

PRICE incl. TAX (25%)
DKK 275 rounded up, (98.88+120.85) x 1.25

Amount saved by direct purchase:
DKK 261 (DKK 536 - 275)
(retail selling price minus direct selling price).
The retail selling price is calculated with a profit of 30% in the wholesale segment and 50% in the retail segment

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