297,00 kr

Decorative Charging Station

A decorative holder for phones and tablets, providing a designated place for chargers. Phones and tablets are placed in the charging station when they need to recharge or take a break. It can be used with all types of chargers. There is space for four phones or tablets with a thickness of 15 mm.

The Idea Behind the Charging Station

We all likely own a mobile phone. As a result, many of us may also struggle with finding charging cables and phones. We had this problem, which inspired the idea to design a charging station. We wanted a decorative holder for the phone that could also keep track of charging cables. To make the product as simple as possible, there is no electronics in the charging station. It is crafted from solid oak, cut in multiple directions to prevent splitting and cracking.

Mobile Phone

Do you also spend too much time on your mobile phone? I do. Time that could be better spent doing something more productive or with other people. Place your phone in the charging station and give yourself and others a break from it.

The charging station was invented by Made by Toft in 2014 and is design-protected in the EU.

D: 243 mm
W: 70 mm
H: 58 mm

Max tykkelse på mobile enheder: 15 mm

Oak :
Oak, solid, (235g). Cut out of one solid piece!

Niels Toft Jørgensen

DKK 144.53
(Solid oak, cabinetmaker, cnc processing, polishing, labeling, packaging, transport)

DKK 92.41 , (144.53/(100-39)) x 39
We have chosen to have a significantly lower profit on the CHARGING STATION in order to be able to offer it at an attractive price. Our DG in this case is 39% instead of 55%
The profit covers our expenses for:
warehouse, logistics, insurance, office, salaries, marketing, development of new products, etc

PRICE incl. TAX (25%)
DKK 297 rounded, (144.53+92.41) x 1.25

Amount saved by direct purchase:
DKK 486 (DKK 783 - 297)
(retail selling price minus direct selling price).
The retail selling price is calculated with a profit of 30% in the wholesale segment and 50% in the retail segment

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